100% Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley Vineyards

retail price: $28.00
club price: $22.40
formats: 750mL
released:May 3, 2010
date profiled:Mar 24, 2011
region:Willamette Valley
AVA:Willamette Valley
estate fruit:Yes
single vineyard: No
brix at harvest:22.1°
oak type:100% French  
oak barrels:50% New  
oak aging: 10 Months  
pinot noir 100%
Winemaker Forrest Klaffke Notes
The stylistic vision of this wine is pure Pinot Noir fruit with a soft juicy mouthfeel, balanced oak and soft, sweet, ripe tannins. The methodology includes attention to detail from vineyard to bottle: picked at peak ripeness, the fruit is gently destemmed with approximately 70% of the grape berries remaining intact for intra-berry fermentation (which adds fruitiness). Prior to fermentation, the must undergoes a four day cold soak extraction to improve fruitiness and mouthfeel. After 3-5 days the must is inoculated with yeast and allowed to warm up to peak fermentation temperature of 88 degrees F. Fermentation takes place for approximately 10 days in small lot ¾ ton, 11/2 ton and 10 ton vessels. Three times daily, we gently ...more... mix the cap back into the juice for greater flavor and color extraction. This is done by hand punch down in the smaller fermenters. In the 10 ton fermenters, the cap is mixed back into the fermenting juice through a process call pneumatage where blasts of air are introduced at the bottom of the fermenter causing the skins to be drawn back down the inside wall of the fermenter. A light pressing takes place at under 1% sweetness before the juice is allowed to settle in stainless over night. The following day the new wine is barreled with light fluffy lees where it finishes primary fermentation and undergoes malolactic fermentation.
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