This vintage of “Flying by the Seat of Our Pants” Brut is made from California’s Nor...

North Coast
CA 63% Pinot Noir
34% Chardonnay
$45   BUY

Adorned with a distinctive, bubbling lotus mandala; embodying constant rejuvenation & ren...

CA 60% Chardonnay
30% Pinot Noir
5% Gewurztraminer ... 60% Chardonnay
30% Pinot Noir
5% Gewurztraminer
5% Sauvignon Blanc
$15   BUY

Boasts a mix of youthful and mature elements, featuring dried berry, toast, orange peel an...

Los Carneros
Sonoma Valley
CA 88% Pinot Noir
12% Chardonnay
$40   BUY

A vibrant sparkling wine, displaying lively acidity that finds great balance and shows ove...

Los Carneros
Sonoma Valley
CA 60% Chardonnay
40% Pinot Noir
$40   BUY

Opens up with an enticing orange blossom bouquet, lively bubble trails and fine mousse. On...

Los Carneros
CA 100% Chardonnay
$22   BUY

Bright strawberry and black cherry aromas with subtle vanilla highlights. Creamy cherry, l...
CA 92% Pinot Noir
8% Chardonnay
$22   BUY

Delicate pear and floral notes backed by toasty almond. On the palate, one finds lively ci...

Sonoma County
CA 91% Pinot Noir
9% Chardonnay
$22   BUY

The Vineyard The grapes for our Brut Rosé were selected from J’s Estate Vineyards ...

Russian River Valley
CA 56% Pinot Noir
44% Chardonnay
$35   BUY

The Vineyards Celebrating twenty years of winemaking excellence, J Cuvée 20 proudly ...
CA 49% Chardonnay
49% Pinot Noir
2% Pinot Meunier
$20   BUY

The Vineyards The 2001 growing season started out early, slowed in the late spring wi...
CA 52% Chardonnay
44% Pinot Noir
4% Pinot Meunier
$50   BUY
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