X Red - Petite Sirah


Exquisitely ripe fruit mated to minimalist winemaking produced this exceptional bottling. ...

Rogue Valley
OR 100% Petite Sirah
$29   BUY

Petite Sirah was first named after Francois Durif, a botanist from the French University o...

Shenandoah Valley
CA 77% Petite Sirah
23% Syrah/Shiraz
$30   BUY

Grapes were handpicked in the morning, the de-stemmed and crushed in a temperature control...

CA 100% Petite Sirah
$14   BUY

Our Central Coast Petite Sirah is selected from vineyards primarily in the southern parts ...

Paso Robles
CA 100% Petite Sirah
$20   BUY

Consistent with previous years of dark color, richness, balance and elegance, this wine br...

St. Helena
CA 100% Petite Sirah
$45   BUY

Growing Season The New Year began with intense storms that brought high winds and heavy r...
CA 100% Petite Sirah
$45   BUY

The 2008 Hayne Petite Sirah exudes a dark purplish hue with an intense nose of blackberrie...

Napa Valley
CA 88% Petite Sirah
12% Zinfandel
$65   BUY

Our 2007 Barrel Select Petite Sirah is deep plum colored with exotic aromas of clove, espr...
CA 91% Petite Sirah
9% Zinfandel
$32   BUY

The 2004 Vintage was short due to early ripening varietals coming in 2 weeks late and long...

Paso Robles
CA 100% Petite Sirah
$60   BUY

We have always loved making Petite Sirah here. It is a varietal that takes time and patien...
CA 100% Petite Sirah
$60   BUY
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