X Red - Malbec


The Malbec was sourced from the J-2 block located within our Black Rock Vineyard (part of ...

Yakima Valley
WA 100% Malbec
$28   BUY

Huge aromas of lilac and lavender lead you in a dual sensory experience. Rich, saturated t...

Oak Knoll District
CA 100% Malbec
$38   BUY

Malbec has always been one of my favorite wines to make, the unique color and flavors alwa...

Horse Heaven Hills
WA 98% Malbec
2% Syrah/Shiraz
$38   BUY

Great blending wine. Lots of red fruit. Minimal acid.

Sierra Foothills
100% Malbec
$34   BUY

In the Old West, ACE HIGH meant “first class” or “respected” and was used to signi...

Carmel Valley
CA 100% Malbec
$32   BUY

This untamed wine from our Carmel Valley Estate vineyards has the familiar smell of saddle...
CA 70% Malbec
20% Petite Sirah
10% Cabernet Sauvignon
$25   BUY

Aromatically, "Babicora" is layered with rich black fruits laden with tropical notes such ...

Paso Robles
CA 81% Malbec
10% Cabernet Sauvignon
9% Petite Verdot
$30   BUY

I love working with the varietal despite its challenges. It tends to be a very vigorous a...

Yakima Valley
WA 98% Malbec
2% Cabernet Sauvignon
$40   BUY

Decant this deep garnet wine and the complex, layered aromas will unfold. The wine has bla...

Santa Ynez Valley
CA 100% Malbec
$18   BUY

100% ESTATE GROWN FRUIT The grapes are from the estate, located in one of the best wine g...
CA 100% Malbec
$13   BUY
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