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   March 5, 2012
 Dutcher Crossing - Unique, Whimsical and a Cruise!
At times we are taken back by the views from certain wineries, like those with sprawled out rolling acres of vines that stretch out as far as one's imagination. Other times, the wines take us back to some amazing selections with depth and breadth. The gem is in finding both at the same winery, where the experience matches the wine and I found both to be exceptional. There is a unique breezeway that I liken to a gateway to the other side. You know, where stress melts away and you begin to breathe anew. On the grounds you'll see a vintage high-wheel bicycle, a gift from Proprietor Debra Mathy's father that is treasured and representative of his imagination and the journey here and foreword. The winery is truly something to experience in beautiful rural Healdsburg in the Dry Creek Valley.

Their wines contain a well-balanced variety of both whites and reds. Their current offerings include three single vineyard Chardonnays and a Sauvignon Blanc. Among them are a 2009 Stuhlmuller Vineyard Chardonnay which is well-complemented by a 2009 Costello Vineyard Chardonnay. We were pretty impressed by the great fruit and acidity of their 2010 Sauvignon Blanc from Dry Creek Valley. Winemaker Kerry Damskey uses the proven small-lot, select vineyard approach to have wines consistent in character and definition. I see a lot of thought and pride going into the end product.

Moving on to the reds, we were also privileged to have received two each Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon wines and a lone Syrah. I say privileged because what we had was both diverse and delightful. The 2009 Maple Vineyard Zinfandel was robust and firm, but the 2009 Bernier Sibary Vineyard Zinfandel is about as smooth and supple a fruit-laden Zinfandel as I have laid tongue on. The 2008 Cooney Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon had great fruit, and was reasonably complex with a nice finish. It contrasted well with the 2008 Proprietor's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon that sent it over the top in the fruit category - yum! The 2008 Proprietor's Syrah sports Dry Creek Valley fruit and has great composition. They also produce Merlot, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Port that is sure to please.

The winery is Debra's passion and a labor of love as she manages day-to-day activities at the winery, welcoming guests along with Dutchess, the winery Golden Labrador. Debra continues to draw from her father's inspiration in completing the vision. She also has a great blog entitled "Rooted in Dry Creek Valley" that keeps us in the loop as to the happenings at the winery and beyond.
2008 Dutcher Crossing - Cooney Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
2008 Dutcher Crossing - Proprietor's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
2009 Dutcher Crossing - Maple Vineyard Zinfandel
2009 Dutcher Crossing - Bernier Sibary Vineyard Zinfandel
2009 Cliff Creek Cellars - Red Red Wine
2010 Dutcher Crossing - Sauvignon Blanc
2009 Dutcher Crossing - Stuhlmuller Vineyard Chardonnay
2009 Dutcher Crossing - Costello Vineyard Chardonnay
2010 Six Sigma Winery, LLC - Six Sigma Ranch Sauvignon Blanc
2008 David Fulton Winery, LLC - Petite Sirah
If you love sailing the Mediterranean, Dutcher Crossing Winery sets sail on their inaugural cruise on May 26, 2012 for 10 days aboard the Oceana Riviera travelling from Athens to Barcelona. Here are the cruise details.

Also, if you like deals, then you should seriously consider joining their wine club. Also when you place your first order with Dutcher Crossing, there is complementary shipping with this deal. With a selection as great as this, you probably need not look further!

2008 Dutcher Crossing
Proprietor's Reserve Cabernet Sau
black cherry, cedar, vanilla, smokey anise, sweet oak
2010 Dutcher Crossing
Sauvignon Blanc
Lime, floral grass, honeysuckle, wet stone, bright, clean and crisp

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