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   January 6, 2012
 Like it, +1 it, Buy it and Drink it!
In this day in age, there remains two classic scarce commodities, time and money. Gosh, that sounds familiar! Money can be largely be managed by choices, but time is really the larger hurdle, especially in this faster-spinning world of ours. That's where social media and the increasing ease of using it comes into play. We have all been looking for the ROI here, but much like a website, there can be an adverse effect on ROI if you don't. What it really comes down to is shifting marketing efforts and monies from conventional print media to electronic streams. Sure, I love to hold a wine glossy with the great words about a great wine and ogle a minute, but beyond that, for me to be able to share with those I care about is too much effort with the handheld hardcopy. With consumer time at a premium and well-connected with a smartphone, you just have to make it easier for the consumer to say they 'like' your wine without taking up too much time or effort. Everything needs to be no more than a couple steps otherwise, folks just won't do it. If you look for the Google +1 symbol and click on it, and voila! Remember though, you need to be logged into Google+ for this to work. You just let the world know what you like with a single click!

Facebook, undeniably the world's largest social network, has had the same feature for a while, called a 'Like', represented by the classic 'thumbs up'. Once again, here's a quick and easy way to let someone know that what they offer is something you think is pretty cool. Like Google+, it is also a personal endorsement of such as you are recommending that others should give it a try as well. With both facebook and Google+, there is no easier way to spend just a few seconds and tell folks 'I like it!'. Also, if folks 'Like' you, you may post onto their facebook page as well, but this is something that needs to be moderated to some extent, and some folks prefer you don't. A little business etiquette applies here so good judgment is always appreciated by all.

Now, let's get to tallying up the numbers as this is where it becomes really meaningful. Folks look at the number of +1 and facebook likes and pass judgment on these and these become a form of a positive recommendation in the absence of a direct experience. Also remember, as at WineMatch we're always learning and exploring new ways, we just launched this feature ourselves. We 'like' it and hope you will also!
2010 Manzoni Estate Vineyard - Pinot Gris
2009 Anaba Wines - Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
2008 Parducci Wine Cellars - Sustainable Red
2009 Paul Dolan Vineyards - Cabernet Sauvignon
2009 Manzoni Estate Vineyard - Syrah
2010 Manzoni Estate Vineyard - Pinot Noir
2008 Aurielle Vineyards - Cabernet Sauvignon
2009 Anaba Wines - Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
2008 Parducci Wine Cellars - Cabernet Sauvignon
2010 Curvare Winery - Rose of Pinot Noir
With the plugins, you are able to query the facebook and Google+ numbers to be able to get a 'true score'. This is helpful for consumers and wineries alike. For wineries, it means a lot of folks think something truly positive of this offering. For consumers, it means Give it a swirl! This allows the information to be accessed while preventing the added step of folks going to facebook and Google+ to get this information. Pretty handy to have all the information in one place.

Now if I could just get the family together at the dinner table!

2008 Parducci Wine Cellars
Sustainable Red
Sustainable Red has berry fruit flavors and spicy complexities. Enjoy this robust dry red wine with pasta, pizza, grilled meats, and flavorful cheeses.
2010 Manzoni Estate Vineyard
Pinot Gris
The hand harvested fruit was immediately whole cluster - pressed into stainless steel tanks and allowed to cold settle for 48 hours. Fermentation was conduct...

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