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July 01, 2011
Wonderful Napa Road Tour!
It's so amazing to go on these road tours. Between the breathtaking views and the great folks we meet along the way, we feel truly privileged to be in this business. We are also quite pleased that what we do helps wineries of all sizes to better connect directly with consumers. We held four presentations at Merryvale Vineyards, over June 27th and 28th to showcase to wineries exactly   how   we   can   help  them  level  the
playing field. We were well-received and signed up a number of wineries, so some new exciting wines will be up on very soon!

But perhaps the greatest benefit we get from connecting with wineries is being able to make the system better for wineries and consumers alike. When we first started WineMatch, I used to think it was our system. I now know it belongs to the wineries and consumers and those folks that help us carve out the many improvements to the system on an ongoing basis.

Wineries have been the source of input beyond compare. We have new clonal tables and multiple AVAs per varietal as a result. We have multiple tasting room functionality, which serves the consumer when looking for a couple more wineries to check out before closing time. During this last week, two items surfaced that wineries wanted to give more clarity and functionality for the winery and consumer alike.

The first is to make AVAs searchable for the more savvy wine consumer. For instance, say I want to see all of the wines from the Chalk Hill AVA. We took this request on Tuesday, and it was done on Thursday as it made sense. So now, select Region/AVA from the home page, select your region, and then the AVAs become selectable. The wineries know that the consumer wants this functionality and it was done in two days. This is what WineMatch is all about. We're listening and delivering functionality that makes sense without making a project out of it.

Second is the ongoing discussion of organic classifications, which seems to have grown in number, but not in clarity to the consumer. Let's have a look here. We have organic wine, organic grapes, biodynamic farming, sustainable farming practices, SIP-certified and others. Some of these cater to the wine,  others to the sustainability and
practices at the winery. This is an area WineMatch plans to better understand and address as this is an area of great misunderstanding. Our goal here is to remove ambiguity on language that might otherwise be unclear. We want a more knowledgeable consumer as each industry does seem to have its own set of unique terms.

We're excited to continue to make the system work harder and smarter for wineries and consumers. We also want to thank all the great folks at Merryvale for their hospitality and support of our tour. Soon, we'll be moving on to Sonoma, Healdsburg, Lake County California and Mendocino. We'll share that schedule as soon as we put it in concrete! Or is that sustainable soil?

Happy Birthday America!


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