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June 24, 2011
WineMatch Unleashes A New Winery Interface!
As we continuously comb through where WineMatch needs to add functionality or improve, we decided to perform a forklift overhaul on the winery data entry area, as ultimately, wineries are our paying clients. We need to make things clear and simple, especially as functionality has grown. Logical placement of items makes sense, as I sure  as  heck  would  not
expect to find a hammer in a refrigerator any more than I would expect to find a half-gallon of milk on the workbench!

So, in the interest of making reaping the benefits of WineMatch easier and less time -consuming for wineries, here is the latest "dashboard"!

As you can see from the Overview, you can add or edit wines, add or edit deals, and add or edit events. Plus you can maintain those pesky ever-changing shipping states or maintain winery information, like pictures or social media items. New functionality also means new abilities, and a few of the recent ones are below.

SIP-Certified - We are allowing SIP-certified for a winery and separately for the wines, as we understand some have SIP programs which may or may not apply to all wines.

QR-coded Shelf Talkers - These seem to be the talk of the town. We have sent a few out and love the reviews. As a result, wineries will be able to print these themselves from You can have them branded on one side with WineMatch-branded information and the other side with winery-branded information - and you get to pick the link for your own QR code - we'll do the rest! This will be available in July, with the ability to also select from more than one style of shelf talker.

Grape Clones - Another winery request fulfilled here, as you could have a Chardonnay, from three different AVAs using six different FPS clones.

Multiple Tasting Rooms - Yet another winery-requested set of functionality delivered! Whether you have one or one hundred (or more) tasting rooms, we'll list them. As far as apps go, think GPS!

More Pictures! Not sure we ever get enough of these. You can load a picture for a deal, for an event, for your winery, and now for the winery person, and the consumer image is coming soon as well to increase winery to consumer interaction as well.

Solid Security! We don't talk about it much, but we believe in being water-tight in this area, having been fully PCI-compliant from the start. We have a number of high-end inside and outside monitoring tools to keep your data safe. Furthermore, we share your data with no one.

As we have changed a lot recently, we ask if you find something askew, you let us know and we'll fix it ASAP! We're not perfect, just real responsive!

Remember, we will be at Merryvale Vineyards in St. Helena on Tuesday, June 28th and Wednesday, June 29th. Details are in the following brochure. If you wish to attend (wineries only please), we still have some room, but seating is limited, so please call us soon at 949.273.5300!


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