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May 19, 2011
WineMatch - On the Move!
It just had to happen. We've outgrown our current location and acquired more space and are moving from Lake Forest to Laguna Hills, California. More room for cellaring, servers and our in-house lab!

We're on the move in so many other ways. In the last nine months, we've accomplished a lot, so this week, I offer a small recap and sharing of our vision going forward.

There are many components to WineMatch beneficial to both consumer and winery. We're unique in that the benefits are so great for both sets of folks.

Consumers. We present the most sophisticated searches on the web with many sort options - bar none. We send wine recommendations qualified on 16-20 points of high-technology matching, all the while including deals on those wines and informing of shipping state limitations. We not only do that in a single e-mail, we can have multiple matches in the same e-mail. This is important as the name of the game when sending
e-mails is 'high-content, low-touch'. This ensures you're saying all you want in a single e-mail and please, don't send an e-mail every day or risk losing them. It's like one of those 'too clingy' relationships looking for a 'Bounce' sheet. The consumer needs space, as with any relationship. We've also recently added Apple iPhone, iPad, and Droid compatibility. As technology demands, we're up on all the latest browsers, as it's ultimately like wine - what's right for one is not necessarily right for another. And now they can log in with WineMatch, Facebook or Twitter, making it infinitely easier to post comments on your wines to social media in one fell swoop. Again, give the consumer the wheel - they know how to drive as they've been doing it for years!

Wineries. We've enhanced your ability to connect and sell directly to consumers, creating a mutual win. We've overcome the three largest obstacles, which are name recognition, shipping state limitations, and the cost of shipping. Name recognition was simple through the use of our matching technology. A winery need to keep those deals loaded as everyone wants a deal. Consumers get matching e-mails, with deals and shipping states, and voila! - the value proposition. All winery events are also pushed out if a consumer has your wine in their favorites. And then we added multiple tasting rooms and hours to make winery-hopping more fun! More recently we made a tasting-room friendly winery links for having iPads and Xooms in tasting rooms.

We believe no one can market your wine in a more precisely targeted and consumer-friendly manner, while allowing you to keep more of the profit. Many wineries have used code "WineMatch" to begin to quantify the benefits. It's got to be hard to smile when giving away half of your profits to distribution. Yeah, it's part of the costs, but just what if those costs were less? I can smell the additional new oak barrels or new tasting room from here! It's not how much you bring in, it's about how much you get to keep, as my father told me long ago when I first learned about paying taxes.

Road Tours. We've been through Washington and Oregon and brought the message directly to wineries. In June, we'll be in Northern California. And in the coming months we won't forget to touch Spokane, Lake Chelan, Coeur D'Alene, Lodi, Mendocino, Lake County and so many others. Many wineries are embracing the WineMatch Profile Wheel in acknowledgement of wine being multi-faceted and the disservice of single number ratings.

Family Winemakers and Taste Washington. We also recently attended the California Winemakers event. I am enamored with all things wine and being a family man, I love seeing the heart and soul of so many folks with the resolve to follow their dreams. Although we all want success, in my eyes, you only lose if you didn't give it a real shot, including the risk and the long hours that go with it. We also attended the Taste of Washington event held in Portland, meeting so many more folks and sharing our vision during the trade session.

Vision. Our vision is a simple one. 'Better qualify consumer desires and send them relevant deals on wines similar to ones they already like and the opportunities will open up.' Look for these changes in the coming months:

•   Winery-printable QR Code shelf talkers (multiple sizes and formats)
•   Upgraded winery portal. Easier to use with a better layout and more functionality
•   Statistics Engine. Imagine getting our numbers as to consumer demographics of who is looking at your wine!      Also getting information on who we are sending out matching e-mails (summary form only to protect      consumer privacy)
•   iPhone and Droid application. In the works from a design standpoint, and development to follow fairly      quickly. Imagine using your current location to find the closest winery, or a deal on what you want!

And wineries remember, when sending in wine, please use our new address for any wine shipment after Monday, May 23rd 2011.


We've got to move it, move it!

WineMatch, 26238 Enterprise Court, Lake Forest, CA 92630

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