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May 06, 2011
It's Time for Tasting Room 2.0!
When it comes to being able to create the vibe that brings the consumer to your wine, nothing is more important than getting folks to taste your wares. If the winery has a tasting room, this is the perfect venue for this to happen, because once we taste your wines and find one or more we like, we are hooked. We're also more likely to join your wine club as well.

The evolution of the tasting room is taking place, and technology is a welcomed component of that much-needed transformation. We're going from a tasting room to a relationship room. What is always important in the technology sphere is to know what works. In using the technology in the tasting room, the goal always has to be to not only make it easier for the consumer to be a part of your winery world, but you need to bring in fun elements as well.

There are many benefits, and being able to have consumers use touch devices is both sweet to the consumer and key to increasing success. Here are a few thoughts and tips:

In recognizing the importance of tasting rooms, WineMatch has created the ability for wineries to add multiple tasting rooms to their winery page on, along with days and hours of operations and any closures. Here's an example. This not only further promotes the winery and its operations, but also allows the following scenario to be solved very soon. "It's 4:30PM, and I want to hit two more wineries before 6PM. Which ones are both nearby and open?" Just wait until we tie this into your iPhone and Droid!

Now I have to get back to that game of checkers. My six-year old daughter is beating me - again!


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