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April 15, 2011
Winery Obstacles and Real-Life Solutions
As a child my father would stop me at times when I presented a problem. It was not that there wasn't truly a problem, but that I came to him without a solution. In other words, I had not thought things through. As folks probably already know the problems, it is infinitely more helpful if presented with a solution. So without further adieu, problems are stated in regular font, and WineMatch solutions in italics.

Only Mass Market Wines are Represented. If you sell mostly to the mass market, that's great. But for the remaining 80% plus which are making relatively smaller quantities, it's tough. At WineMatch, we gladly represent all of your wines. Often times, the gems are hard to find, especially when they are only sold winery-direct. Put the consumer in charge - remember being the kid in the candy store? Show them all your wares!

Wineries are Not Represented. Although it's your end product people consume, the consumer relationship with the winery is lacking, typically because only the wine is represented. Let WineMatch represent you entire winery and all your wines - it's what we do - and what consumers want! Imagine a consumer likes one of your wines, but has no way of figuring out what else is in the candy store. If a consumer likes one of your wines, they may be open to a mixed case if they received a case discount. People want a deal - give it to them! We let you enter the deals on WineMatch!

Half of your Profits Go to Distributors. It's a truism as you need to use proven channels to move your product, but this unfortunately takes its toll on your revenue, causing you to work longer hours in addition to less working capital for winery operations. What if you could move more wine for less money? At WineMatch, that is our model. We're not looking for money off of each bottle sold, but being a true conduit between the winery and the consumer. Our costs are minimal, allowing wineries to give deeper discounts to consumers, with the both of you coming out ahead. A win-win thing.

Your Winery is Not on the Consumer's Radar. You're small, and your time should primarily be spent on making good product first. Sometimes, that does not leave much time to market. As we at WineMatch, match wines, this means we are always presenting wines to the consumer they have never seen before via our matching engine. When doing so, we also present YOUR deal and the states that you ship to, which gets the Value Proposition straight to the consumer. Who doesn't want a deal on something much like something you already like?

You Never Know if Wine Will be Rated. Remember, it's not berated, but "be rated". Perhaps a little Freudian slip here. Regardless, when you submit your wines, you really don't know the 'if' and 'when' of when it will see the light of day. At WineMatch, we publish 100% of the wine, within 30 days guaranteed, and often times sooner. We can even coincide with your release date to maximize your outfacing exposure during the selling period!

Shipping Costs and Shipping States are Obstacles. Yeah, I too await the repeal of prohibition. These are the two major obstacles to shipping direct to the consumer. In regards to shipping costs, WineMatch helps offsets these by allowing wineries to load deals on multi-packs. Deals can apply to one, many or all wines - your call. In regards to shipping state restrictions, WineMatch presents the states with every matching deal so the consumer know immediately if they can get the deal based on where they want is shipped.

Web Site and Social Media Challenges. These items, along with blogs, create your outfacing branding image. We believe the key to a good web site is simplicity and logical placement and alignment of key elements. When designing or redesigning a site, always start by finding existing web sites that you wish to mimic as it's easier than starting from scratch. Also, bear in mind if you use Adobe Flash on your site, it  won't  work on  the  Apple's
iPad and iPhone. Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO, is key in the design. Here are a few tips from the folks at WineMatch on SEO Best Practices.

Social Media is something you need to do, but with what time? The reality is you need to make time here. In the Social Media realm, WineMatch helps facilitate this communication as we are the only wine evaluation outfit that allows Facebook and Twitter credentials to log on, creating simplified interaction between consumers, their friends and wineries. Every wine is published to Facebook and Twitter, our own RSS feed and appears in numerous other areas. Share info in the Social Media space with a click - that's the ticket. See the Press Release.

iPads in the Tasting Room. It's so much more than another Elvis sighting, with all due respect to the King. As WineMatch works to bring consumers closer to the wineries and vice-versa, we are proud to have launched our web site interoperability with the Apple iPad platform to support wineries bringing these in their tasting rooms.

Although it seems like we have been at it for a long time, but the reality is, we've only just begun. We just seem to have that Burnin' Love for what we do.



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