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January 28, 2011
Online Wine Resources & Bloggers are on!
If you really love wine, it's important to be aware of the organizations and individuals that play key roles for both the wine and wineries. It's nice as it gives you both reference points and sounding boards.

At WineMatch, we felt we would be doing a disfavor to both consumers and wineries if we did not allow those resources to have their space on as well. So we came up with an area at the bottom right of the home page called "Online Wine Resources".

We created an area for each of the following resources: Associations, Auctions, Bloggers, Directories, Educational, Forums, Stores, Publications and Social Networks, another key area.
"Anything that can be viewed one way by one individual and another way by yet another is truly subjective. Taking it one step further, Social Media and its various contributors create the buzz that so many of us love and are perfect for those items that are subjective, like wine."

Let's talk a bit more about bloggers. These are folks with a true passion for wine itself and want to share those delights that can be easily  missed. Many are true gems and being able to connect with a few can truly enrich our appreciation  of  wine.   

The bloggers' hosted platforms range from Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, SquareSpace, Xanga and Posterous. There are more, but WordPress alone has over 50% of the market so a lot of folks use this particular platform. All but SquareSpace are free, so that helps the out-of-pocket costs for the blogger. In fact, I think one of the best comparisons I have seen comes from We strongly believe Tumblr is on the rise as well. My own personal blog, MisterEdWine is hosted on WordPress.

We have not yet completed populating the database as there are many bloggers out there. If you're a blogger and want to update any info or simply want to be added, just let us know in the "contact us" section and we'll get you squared away.

Other Online Wine Resources are also being populated, but folks or outfits are always free to be added as long as it makes sense. So much information, so little wine!

What does all this cost? Like so much of WineMatch, it costs "absolutely nothing" to be associated, much like the words from the Edwin Starr's song, "War". Hopefully this song will be floating around in your head for a while now! Believe it or not, it's my six-year old's daughter's favorite song. And I digress.

Absolutely yours!



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