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January 21, 2011
Watching WineMatch Soar!
Folks, I would be less than honest if I didn't say, "Get ready for the next wave of functionality because it will knock your corks, screwtops and other closures off!"

To compete in the business world, there are certain things we all need to do. We need to have the basics down, something of value to sell, a client base, money flowing in, and control of the outflow of cash.

To truly rise above the crowd, however, is a different animal. You need to be exceptional, passionate, unwavering, and see both the present and the future, with a respect for the past. You need to not only understand what is current and leverage all the technology, but also have great vision to clearly see the future direction and know what is a technology you can leverage as opposed to what is a nuisance. It's like computers. As a consumer, you may buy the newest simply to have the newest. As a business, you buy something because you need it and it will do something that will further your business.

At WineMatch, it has always been about doing more in a smarter way,  while  maximizing  the  value  of  the  dollar.  For  it  to  truly
succeed, it needs to be minimal on both the winery and consumers time. In other words, today you must be both effective and efficient - no excuses. At WineMatch, it takes less time than ever for a consumer to get straight to the wines in their sweet spot. After all, isn't this what all this technology is supposed to do? We know this is working as "clicks and analytics don't lie". We are getting many more wineries each and every day and the same holds true with consumers. And more wines of course!

We just came away from two presentations to wineries in Paso Robles and one of the amazing things was that after the presentations were over, folks stuck around. No one was in a hurry to leave as they were more than pleased not only with what they saw, but at how they know this will help the consumers make better choices with more consistency. We are in the process of planning our Road Tour throughout Oregon, Washington and Northern California, followed by Idaho and New York. We'll be sure to let wineries know the dates just as soon as they are confirmed.

So I am asked time and time again what we plan on doing for 2011.  "Much  more  than  you  can ever  imagine"  is  my  short
answer, for both wineries and consumers alike. But as that is a little like a political candidate saying they have a "plan", yet are unable to give a single specific, we're going to give you some specifics, but understand we can't divulge it all and still maintain the edge. Kind of like Apple Computers, we have to keep some things close to the chest ourselves to maintain our competitive edge.

Facebook and Twitter login integration. I am tired of thinking I can remember all these passwords. It has gotten to the point where I login to my computer with a password, then have a password-protected spreadsheet on my PC with all my passwords. So we're going to make it easy for consumers, which will also allow them to share information easily, which will assist wineries to better target the consumer, leading to the best use of marketing dollars and more-importantly, a happy consumer. Look for this in the next couple of weeks.

Profile Sharing. Imagine sharing your wine profile with others! It's not that we're going to do it, but how we do it that will make wine-sharing the next viral social media-savvy consumer experience. Think of it as a board game for wine with a twist. I have already said too much.

Demographics. This will help both consumers and wineries. For consumers, where are all the Chardonnay wines made the way I like them? For Wineries, where are all the Chardonnay drinkers, and what are their ever-changing demographics? In this day in age, good clean data rules supreme.

Mobile Apps. We are working to knock this one out of the park. We have seen the wine apps out there. Match food with wine. Match wine with food. Find varietals not found anywhere but on the app. What about what the consumer likes? We're about to change that and your dining and wining experience - forever. Think large on a small handheld.

Deal Engine enhancements. We'll be doing more for both the consumer and the wineries in placing highly relevant wine deals directly into the hands of the consumer. Wineries have the goods, consumers have the capital. As Monty Hall would say "Let's Make a Deal" or for the younger crowd, "Does this wine help my mojo"? That's really all I can tell you!

Funny thing is, this only addresses the first quarter and that is all we can share right now, other than our best wishes for a fantastic 2011!


WineMatch, 26238 Enterprise Court, Lake Forest, CA 92630

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