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January 14, 2011
WineMatch Takes it On The Road!
Now that we have achieved some critical mass here, we're taking it on the road so wineries can better understand what we do and how they can benefit. The power is in the consumer telling us what they like. Enough consumer 'likes' creates a strong basis for recommendations far beyond our basic matching. This also provides a feedback mechanism to wineries.
On Monday, January 17th, we start our Road Show in Paso Robles, at the beautiful Eagle Castle Winery. Here, we'll be sharing just how we can improve the Winery-to-Consumer (W2C) experience. We introduce consumers to new wineries and wines, and help wineries better connect with consumers. This results in more success on both ends. The nice thing is this can all be accomplished at minimal cost and with very little effort.
After Paso Robles, we will then move up the coast in the following weeks. Look for us to be at a winery near you very soon! If you are a winery and are interested in hosting us, let us know. We want to give everyone an opportunity to participate here. New England, we'll wait until you all thaw out!

With WineMatch, there are a number of strategic components that work together to best leverage the data. We then push relevant data to the consumer (wines, deals, events) and integrate social media as well. However, the name of the game here is "you can't be found if you're nowhere to be found". Stay with me here...

The point here is simple. You'll never truly realize the benefit of WineMatch if you don't give us a try. The good news is that it does not cost you anything to try us out. All your events and deals are not only free to submit at WineMatch, but we actually push this information out to the consumer in a timely manner. After all, everyone likes a good deal, right?

We're also free to the consumer, removing the cost barrier for folks to sign up. No cost, no obligation, and it only gets better!

Find out what we are all about today by signing up at It's time to let the consumers know your winery is not only out there, but can also be found right here at WineMatch.


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