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December 10, 2010
Searching Without a Warrant!
Finding what you want is not always easy. Go into a store, and the end caps start giving me ADD. I walked in knowing I wanted Krusteaz' pancake mix to whip up some great banana pancakes, but these chips on the end cap are interesting. OK, why I am I here again?

Here at WineMatch, we're not trying to sell the consumer furniture, magazine subscriptions or expensive advertising. In fact, we're not charging the consumer at all! We think magazines are yesterday's media, most useful on airplanes to tell the person next to you that you're not in their talking mood, or trying to hide behind something while remaining incognito as we have seen in so many movies!

Anyways, we figured we would assemble our current feature set, knowing that it will increase over time, based on consumer, winery and marketplace demand.

I submit to you all, consumer and wineries, that no one does it better than WineMatch, as much like winemaking, this program is about passion. This is really only the beginning of the capabilities and possibilities. It's clearly time for three things to materialize in the Wine Industry and we're the ones that will bring it to the consumer and winery alike.

        We are less subjective and have a more proper representation of wine qualities NOT using the 100-point system

        We have free Consumer-friendly search's and 'push' capabilities

        We provide a Winery to Consumer (W2C) direct sell-through model that benefits consumers and wineries alike


WineMatch, 26238 Enterprise Court, Lake Forest, CA 92630

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