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October 28, 2010
Of Pumpkins and Wine!
Most of my adult life, I have been good at picking out a few things without any help. I think pumpkins are one of those items. Whether they are big or small, round or oval-shaped, with a long stem or a short stem, I've been able to pick winners. If all things in life were that easy!

After having picked out a pumpkin, then the carving begins. What's it going to be? An old-fashioned Jack-O-Lantern, or an intricate one depicting a scene of some sort?  Anyway you  carve  it,  it's  three  to

ten bucks well spent, and you move on. We all do!

Then you go door-to-door, dressed like the Grim Reaper or Lady Gaga and announce "Trick or Treat". I hear a new costume is a "Crooked Politician", complete with a suit, tie and briefcase full of your cash! I digress.

When I was a kid, you could only get one piece of candy, not the handfuls they get now! Regardless, it's nearly always a treat and a win for your little Dracula (this film was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, who happens to own one of the wines below). My 6-year daughter has decided to dress up as Frankenstein this year. Not sure of the message here, but if anyone out there can decode this message she is sending, please fill me in! The real point here is that it is always or nearly always a win, with the exception of the neighbor that wants everyone to be healthy, so they hand out pre-packaged carrots because that goes so well with chocolate, right?

And then there's picking out the wines, which makes picking out a pumpkin look like child's play (maybe it really is?). Regardless, we're here to help. At WineMatch, when the orange hits the black, we're here for you! To stay with the theme here, we thought we would show off some great wines with cool orange and black labels. These folks are quite the trendsetters and their wines are worthy of your glass!

At WineMatch, we're consumer-focused and winery sensitive. We're here to serve the consumer like never before. We help the consumer make the right wine selection. Whether you're looking for a wine that matches another wine, or you want to simply select what qualities you like in a wine, we'll retrieve those that meet your criteria.

Picking a wine may not be as easy as picking a pumpkin, but it should be!


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