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Elixir Vitae Description:

Personal and idiosyncratic comments on some of the vital elixirs of life, primarily wine and spirits, but including whatever else I deem important or necessary, as the mood strikes me.

I've been kicking around in this world of wine and spirits for a while now, because it's endlessly fascinating, never gets tiresome, and I get to meet some of the most interesting people in the world. My single focus here is to attempt to relay some of my experiences and (I hope) insights into the wines, the spirits, the people, and the places I share my journey with. If you need credentials, I have plenty. CSW, CSS, Master Instructor for the French Wine Academy, Wine & Spirits Instructor at Mt. Hood Community College, former Director of Wine & Spirits Education at Brown-Forman, and 30+ years of experience in retail, wholesale, and importing of wines

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