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Practical wine solutions

For someone with little or no exposure to wine, it can seem very intimidating. Full of unpronounceable words, snooty enthusiasts, strange dos and don'ts, contradictory advice. The list goes on! This site aims to solve all of that, in a light-hearted, easy-to-understand language that will shed light on the whole wine thing, and help you see that wine really can be lots of fun, and hopefully, like me, you'll end up on a life-long journey of discovery.

For now (coz I'm prone to changing my mind!), I will cover the following:

Blog on wine events, parties, wine, etc. that I've partipicated in and tasted Educational componnent - covering the key wish-someone-explained-it-that-way concepts Reviews of new wine toys Experiments to prove or debunk any practices, traditions, myths, etc. So come on for the ride!

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