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Armed with an MBA and living in the NYC, the financial capital of the world I DID WHAT?!?!? Dropped everything to pursue a career in wine?!? Israeli wine nonetheless???!@#$% – I must really be CRAZY!

Crazy I am. In 2006, following various entrepreneurial ventures, I decided it was time to make the plunge. Risk it all. As a single guy I figured what better time to pursue a passion – WINE! I was preparing to go to Israel for my brother’s wedding so I decided that the country where wine (may have) all started (some 3000 years ago) would be the place for me to begin to truly learn about wine. I dropped everything, sublet my Manhattan apartment and went to Israel to learn as much as I could about wine, as well as to get a better understanding of why Israeli wine had as of yet been unsuccessful in penetrating the mainstream international wine market.

I volunteered my services to several of Israel’s wineries and ended up at a small and well regarded operation where I apprenticed in both the vineyard and the winery. Given the size of the country and its wine industry I was subsequently introduced to many of Israel’s top boutique wine producers. Following a harvest season (plus) in Israel, I returned to the US to work at Napa Valley’s largest custom wine crush facility, Napa Wine Company. While there, I met with several of the top Napa winemakers while rounding out my broad understanding of the production of wines. I also received a Wine Sensory Analysis certification from Napa’s prestigious Culinary Institute of America.

Since returning to New York, I have worked as a freelance consultant (with a focus on Israeli wine) for a small wine importer and received a certification with distinction from the world renowned Wine and Spirit Education Trust. I do freelance wine writing. I run wine tastings and educational classes (my favorites being the ones with a focus on Israeli wines as the people are typically blown away by the quality of the wines tasted). And finally, I’m an active member in a bi–monthly wine club – an activity which has proven to be fun, educational & has led to great friendships!

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