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Offering you the wins the French would prefer to keep

I have been a wine enthusiast for over 30 years. I was introduced to Bordeaux wine by my father who brought back bottles from foreign business trips and we would have them with our Sunday lunch. In those days you were considered posh if you had a bottle of wine on the table. Back then you could not buy French wine online in the UK. How things have changed!

My interest in wine stayed with me through catering college and remains one of my life's greatest pleasures. I have been very fortunate to have travelled many continents and tasted wines from around the world. Bordeaux wine, however, remains my favourite for their food enhancement qualities, variety, complexity and lack of the morning after feeling. As a qualified chef I also have a penchant for good food - the two simply go hand in hand!

Here at Bordeaux-Undiscovered we are not your typical wine buffs, with plums in our mouths wearing pinstripe suits that have seen better days, with a dismissive air to those who don't know their right from their left banks. Nor are we portraying ourselves as the oracle of all wine knowledge. We are simply enthusiasts of life, who enjoy good food and wine and have become tired of hangovers after consuming only a modest amount of wine. We therefore sought an alternative to the mass produced branded wines which seem to be more prevalent within the UK market. Thereby, giving you the consumer a choice!

As the choice of sensibly priced Bordeaux wines diminishes within the UK we would like to offer a selection of wines from this famous region of France. Bordeaux produces some of the best wine in the world and France remains the only country in the world with a classification system - AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée). A Standard Control system if you like, where wine producers have to abide by strict and regulated production guidelines or forfeit their producers licence (striped of their classification). These rules were introduced as long ago as 1855 by Napoleon III no less, ironically after staying in England 5 years earlier!

The wines we choose are low production wines made by producers using traditional methods handed down from father to son/daughter over many generations. Wines which were predominantly made for the French market and until recently undiscovered in the UK.

When you share good food with friends and the occasion is accompanied by good wine what better enjoyment can you have? So let Bordeaux Undiscovered expand your choice of wines and make a contribution to your enjoyment!

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