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I’m a South African who moved to London in April 2010, after five years working for a leading SA producer. This blog will seek to look at some of the issues in this market, both from the perspective of producers and consumers. What’s the gap? I think it continues to exist between producers and their actual consumers. The wineries have plenty of interaction with ‘wine people’ but they are not the only people who drink your wine. I hope to interact with all involved in the industry; provide some food for thought and do my bit to close the gap. I make no claim to be a wine expert or master taster and I don’t have a string of letters after my name to inspire confidence. But I know what I like and am confident enough with my palate to discuss wines that I have tried. Blind tastings are a different matter. When it comes to tasting I ask a few simple questions: * Do you like the packaging? What does it make you expect? * DO YOU LIKE THE WINE? Why? * Would you purchase this wine (again), and what would you pay for it?

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