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This is a website for people who like wine. It aims to champion the independent winemakers and help introduce their wines to the general public through honest, straight forward reviews.

We are completely against the global companies who mass produce absolute dross then call it wine, duping the average consumer into buying their brands through glossy advertising. There’s great wine available from all the wine producing regions of the world these days, and there’s no need for people to be drinking this highly chemicalled, factory produced rubbish. We are also against the big companies who work alongside the producers to promote this awful wine, such as the supermarkets and multiple retailers, major brewers and some of the biggest players in the alcohol wholesale trade like Constellation Europe, Mathew Clark and Waverly TBS – all these companies are fully aware that they’re peddling absolute c**p, and they’re the reason it’s still difficult to find a decent bottle of wine in your local pub or off license.

We’ll be posting important information relevant to the wine trade in the UK to help keep the UK wine lover up to date, and help them make some informed choices.

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