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there are certain things about that other girl -- that Miss Pommery '26 -- I rather like

... there is only one of me after all.

I was wrong about the other me who (I thought) wrote feminist things for the Oprah website. It was just some one in an chat room, quoting an old review -- by me -- of a feminist book.

Thank heaven we've cleared that up. If you do Google me, you too may find me in a few back issues of Commentary, First Things, and American Heritage, and in The Times of Northwest Indiana, The Shopper, The Southtown Star, and in a lovely, now-defunct magazine called Violet, which used to be run by jazz musician Charles Mingus' daughter Keki.

Then I tried blogging. (Mom said I should.) I have three. In the past I cross-posted to Open Salon and Helium, and I have written for Demand Studios, which usually sent my stuff to eHow. My wine career started when I got a job at a (now defunct) wine shop. That was fun. When it folded, I applied for work at a local grocery store's liquor department. (I wanted to go to there.) Voila -- ten months and one brief stint at a dry cleaner's later, by sheer luck, the department manager called me for an interview. So there I am.

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