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Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association

Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association


Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association Description:

There's so precious little of it. Like fine wine, it should be savored, lingered over, experienced deeply. That's why a tour through Tennessee wine country is time well spent!

The Tennessee Farm Winegrowers Association (TFWA) was created in 1982 as an outgrowth of the Tennessee Viticulture and Oenological Society, which serves non-commercial wine interests within the state. We represent our member wineries and support and encourage the production of commercial wines within the state. We work closely with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Market Development Division to promote our wines as well as other Tennessee agricultural products. TFWA encourages and supports grape growing and winemaking as viable agricultural industries within Tennessee. Though most of our members are Tennessee wineries and grape growers, memberships are available to the general public! For more information about becoming a member, or to view our organization's by-laws, please follow the links below:

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