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    LAKE FOREST, Calif., December 15, 2011

    WineMatch Now Makes it Fun and Easy to Find Wine with WheelPlay™!, a wine portal designed to match wine to a users' preferences, has delivered on its promise to wineries to further engage the consumer by adding a fun interactive component to its proprietary industry-leading high-tech wine matching engine. The interactive component called WheelPlay allows people to better understand their wine choices and leverage existing wine preferences in domestic wines to shape a better future wine experience.

    "Never before has it been so easy to find wine that matches what you like and often times with a deal! Each person has their own wine preferences and with WheelPlay, it's easy to find the wines that match your taste as an alternative to the current wine rating systems." says Ed Leard, WineMatch founder.

    A consumer can use the wheel one of two ways. In the first scenario, a consumer can go to and find a wine they like. They can then ask the wheel for "more fruit" or "less tannins" or "more aroma" by simply moving the values and clicking, which causes the resulting wine list below to refresh immediately. The second scenario can be accomplished by simply going to, where no wines are selected and the consumer can "shape" the wheel and look at the result set. In both scenarios, the left side menu allows additional filtering for alcohol content, free sulfite content, bottle formats, regions and other values.

    In the near future, these consumer-created profiles will be able to be saved and become another basis for matching, in addition to any wines the consumer has added into their favorites. To fully benefit from WineMatch and be able to save a profile or place wines into their favorites, the consumer needs to create a free login using a WineMatch user name and password, or alternately use their existing facebook or twitter account to gain access.

    Winematch uses multiple sensory plus high-end chemistry and sophisticated proprietary algorithms to create a "wine profile" or a "wine fingerprint", which becomes the basis for matching wines that are similar. The goal for the consumer is to increase the hit-to-miss ratio of finding wines they like, making it a more pleasurable and rewarding experience.

    For wineries, WineMatch effectively removes obstacles of the winery-to-consumer model and allows wineries to keep more revenue to create a winning outcome for both the consumer and the winery.

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