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    LAKE FOREST, Calif., April 14, 2011

    WineMatch Integrates Social Media and Pushes Deals Direct to Consumers

    WineMatch.com is raising the bar once again in its proprietary wine profiling and matching system.  The Winery Direct-to-Consumer Model (W2C) has been enhanced through the integration of Social Media.  WineMatch now allows consumers to create their free account using their existing Facebook or Twitter account credentials, in addition to the option of signing up directly with WineMatch.  A consumer logged into WineMatch can now easily communicate to their Facebook and Twitter friends as well as wineries.

    WineMatch represents domestic wineries, publishing all of a winery's wines to WineMatch.com's web site and RSS feed in real-time, and additionally posting to Facebook and Twitter.  This, in addition to the ability to publish wines to coincide with winery release dates, maximizes a winery's outfacing marketing exposure.  Wineries can also showcase their Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed and Blogs as they appear on their winery page, strengthening winery brand presence though Social Media.

    In better targeting consumers, WineMatch now also presents highly relevant deals based on wines consumers already enjoy, by adding WineMatch-profiled wines into their favorites. This is accomplished by using up to 20 points of matching sensory, chemistry and winery data that has been proven to be reliable for providing matches to consumers.  When a wine match is sent out, the deal accompanies the match, creating a highly-qualified consumer value proposition.

    Acknowledging the role of tablet computers in tasting rooms, like Apple's iPad or Motorola's Xoom, WineMatch is now fully compatible.  All a winery needs do is add a WineMatch icon and link it to their winery page on WineMatch.com where consumers can easily review the wine profiles.

    WineMatch recently completed Road Shows through Washington and Oregon to showcase the system to area wineries.  Presentations were held in Woodinville, Prosser and Walla Walla in Washington and Salem, Roseburg and Gold Hill in Oregon. More are planned for May and June in northern California.

    In furthering its role in the communities it serves, it was also announced that the charity of choice for WineMatch corporate citizenship is that of Horse Rescue operations throughout the United States.

    Visit us at http://www.winematch.com.

    More information is available by contacting wmadmin@winematch.com or calling 949.273.5300.


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