Have you ever bought a wine over $20 and not liked it?
Using WineMatch, you can avoid that experience altogether.

WineMatch is a simple way to look at wine giving you the ability to find wines that are similar to those you already like. This is done by adding them to your favorites. At WineMatch, we use sensory evaluations, chemistry and detailed information on the wine to match one wine with other wines that are similar. The result is a more enjoyable wine experience and fewer wines you dislike.

The WineMatch Wheel - A Simpler Way to Understand Wine

How you look at wines has never been easier. This concept is a more sensible alternative to the 100-point system, where raters tend to contradict one another leaving you wondering if it’s a wine you might like. You see, with the 100-point scale, wine ratings of 90 and above are favorable and ratings under, say 85, give the impression the wine is not so good. This may be true, but when one rating outfit gives a wine a 92 and the next one an 86, what are you to think?

Turning to the WineMatch Wheel not only provides answers, but a “how to” on learning what you truly like in a wine. We firmly believe wine is a product with some key characteristics

Wheel Play Wine Search Tool

worthy of an honest representation to help you make smarter wine choices. We call that increasing your hit-to-miss ratio when selecting wines.

Matching - An Easier Way to Find Wines You Like
Wine Match searches for Wines you likeAt the center of WineMatch is a high-technology engine that uses combined sensory, chemistry and wine information. All this information is assembled to help us create a virtual “wine fingerprint”. From there, we look for wines with similar fingerprints. Those wines that are close counterparts to one another are called MATCHES.

We also show you SIMILAR WINES. These differ from matches in that only the combined sensory and chemistry is integrated in the comparison process. This allows you to view more wine blends and other varietals that have similar qualities, but aren’t quite as precise matches.

WheelPlay – You’re in Control!

WheelPlay, when used in conjunction with the WineMatch Wheel, gives you the ability to interact with exactly what you like in a wine. Less tannins, more fruit you say? Yes, we can do that and so much more! Some fun things are “I like this wine but prefer one with less acidity”. You can select the wine, take it to WheelPlay and simply lower the acidity down a notch or two and the resulting wines show immediately below!Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
Favorites – The Key to Successful Matching

You tell us what you like by finding those you find favorable and adding them to your favorites - it’s that simple. That tells us what you like so when we find you wines that match very closely to your favorites, we’ll be sure to let you know about them. Also, if there’s a deal that the winery is offering at the time, we’ll serve that up to you as well as we all like deal. Going forward, when we review a wine and its characteristics match, we’ll let you know so it’s on your wine radar.

Pushing out Matches and Deals on What You Like!

Informing you of matches and deals is really at the heart of serving you. We won’t send you an e-mail on a Chardonnay if you have no Chardonnays in your favorites. We also won’t send you a 17% Zinfandel when you tell us you like a 14% Zinfandel. A little common sense goes a long way here. We believe that a company that you entrust with your e-mail account should only communicate those items you wish to receive. To that end, we have a fairly granular unsubscribe function that lets you say “I want this but don’t want that”. We think that makes sense.

How was WineMatch Created?

WineMatch has been formed over nearly ten of years of research and development with valuable input from many domestic wineries and some professors at UC Davis, including Ann Noble. Many have assisted in reviewing our model and were instrumental in the continuing refinement of our model. For instance, when we added Complexity as an important component, it drew clear distinction of good wine from great wine and also helped refine our sensory procedures and presentation of information.

A Few other items

WineMatch is free to the consumer and we’ll keep it that way. You shouldn’t have to pay to see a wine’s characteristics. We also only serve the domestic wine market as there’s so much good wine here, there’s really little reason to look elsewhere. We also welcome input and comments as our direction is clearly forged by wineries and consumers needs and desires. We hope you find this an enjoyable experience!

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